About Us

You most likely can’t remember back in the days when traveling shoe salesmen came to you to offer their products. These traveling shoe salesmen suggested that they offered shoes that were better quality and more comfortable than you could buy in any store with more choices and delivery right to your door step. Frankly this part of history may have stopped even before you were born!

Tauer & Johnson's mission is to offer you something even better. We offer you comfort, convenience, and a pleasurable buying experience right in the comfort of your home or office. Tauer & Johnson hand crafted shoes are made top quality in every way and made for comfort. We know your feet will love them!

Quality, comfort and style to last a lifetime from Tauer & Johnson - The Ken Johnson collection.


What makes Our shoes so comfortable?

  • Tauer & Johnson is a manufacturer of high quality handcrafted men’s comfort shoes. Only the finest brands today, like ours, can be refurbished and resoled. Your shoes will last for many years when maintained by a good shoe repair dealer. They will give you years of service.
  • Quality and details matter a lot. Your feet deserve the best! We use only top grade leathers, soles and materials.
  • Our shoes are fully lined and we provide travel and storing bags to protect your shoes when they are not on your feet. We also provide a leather shoehorn with each pair you order.
  • Handcrafting with the finest comfort materials by artisans who LOVE to handcraft shoes!

How Our Shoes Are Made